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Who We Are

Minnesota Valley Life Skills (MVLS), an affiliate center of Life Skills International, began as a ministry of Valley Evangelical Free Church of Chaska, Minnesota in November of 2000.  MVLS received its own 501(c)3 status retroactive to December, 2009. 

The center offers gender-separate Phase I classes weekly. For continued skills building, the Phase II program is offered to Phase I graduates.  Phase II consists of 16 life-changing modules and each student can attend the modules of their choice.

Dr. Paul & Judy Hegstrom
-founders Life Skills International

Life Skills International
founder, Dr. Paul Hegstrom, developed the "Learning to Live, Learning to Love" curriculum out of his own recovery.  Though it was originally developed to help those dealing with domestic abuse, it has been found to be extremely effective for all people seeking change in their lives.  It has been in use and continually developed since 1985.

"Paul Hegstrom lived the first forty years of his life not understanding the driving force that caused him to self-destruct again and again. He could not understand why his anger would never subside. He could not communicate or identify his feelings. His anger harmed his family, and nothing was ever resolved. He knew something was wrong, but lived his life in denial. Over $20,000 was spent on counseling where he was given “labels,” however, it never got to the root of his problem. This only added to his anger and frustration. His 16-year marriage ended because he could not get the help he needed. The violence continued in subsequent relationships and finally, after being involved in a life-threatening situation that could have meant 15-20 years in prison, he asked for help. It was the hardest thing he ever had to do.

As a result of asking for and receiving help from a pilot program, Paul found some answers for his behavior, but it still wasn’t enough. He began searching for deeper answers. He has spent well over 18,000 hours in research with the goal of developing a curriculum that would offer hope and help to the abuser, the victim, and the families involved in domestic violence. “Learning to Live, Learning to Love” is the result of his research, together with over 36,000 hours spent facilitating groups for the victims and perpetrators of domestic violence.

In 1983, Paul and Judy were remarried. They brought healing to their own family as they worked to set up Life Skills International (formerly DVP, Domestic Violence Project), a non-profit domestic violence organization based out of Aurora, Colorado.

As a testimony to the program’s effectiveness, their second marriage has been free of emotional and physical abuse since its beginning. All three children and their families live violence free lives. They are a part of the healing that is offered to tens of thousands around the world through the Life Skills program. Life Skills has expanded into an international program with over 100 centers across the United States and around the world."

- courtesy Life Skills International

Minnesota Valley Life Skills, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
Email info@mnvalleylifeskills.org or call 612-481-8554 for more information.