Minnesota Valley Life Skills

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From people like you

One woman's journey and the role
Minnesota Valley Life Skills played.
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“I have to restrain myself, because I would love for almost everyone to come to the class . . .”

“This class is much better than any chemical dependency program and should be a mandatory requirement by the courts.”

“Life Skills is a wonderful . . . program that could benefit a wide range of age groups.  It is very thorough and informative about human brain and emotional development, as well as, relationship skills and building a solid marriage.  I am very grateful to have come in contact with the program.”

“I think Life Skills is better than therapy.  I have had over 20 years of therapy and always was left dissatisfied with the results.  Life Skills is very specific.  Life Skills does not dance around the subject, but provides explanations and concrete steps and advice for improvement.”

“I have a great desire to help other people.  Not so judgmental. I try to walk in someone else’s shoes for a while before I say anything.  I look at my own stuff, my life.  I love more and have more patience.”

“I learned how to communicate feelings and my needs.  I learned how to control my anger (The 100% Rule – It’s My Choice) and that I’m totally responsible for my reaction to negative situations”

“I absolutely recommend this class to everyone – it is the best thing . . . that ever happened to me.”

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