Minnesota Valley Life Skills

hope  for  the  hurting
Frustrated?  At a loss for what to do?

Everything's been fine, so what's her problem?
Is she too sensitive; reading too much into what you said?

Do you feel anxious when she wants to talk?
Is she too demanding of your time and attention?
Do you feel your wife and kids don't respect you?
Is she always nagging or 'feels like a mom' in your life? 
Do you feel you can never win an argument with her?
Do you want to see some changes in your relationship?
Do you conclude your relationship would be better if
only she would get some counseling?

Does she make you feel angry-frequently?
Real men keep trying despite real failures!  Time for real tools that work!  We've been there!  Ask us WHY & HOW it changed us!
                                                  Find freedom from:
                • Self-doubt, confusion, hopelessness
                • Secret fears / anxieties / PTSD suspicions
                • Low self-esteem / (non-clinical) depression
                • Blocking of love and intimacy / Stalking Behaviors
                • Denial of problems / 'magical thinking'
                • Your own complaining / irritability /
                • Past-orientation / regrets / shame
                • Secret addictions (incl. porn), compulsions or obsessions
                • Performance obsession vs. healthy goal orientation
                • Relationship Violence / Verbal Abuse / Power & Control Issues
                • Isolation / loneliness / Childhood Abuses ( can it affect me now? )
                • Feeling your life is just 'cruise control'; lacking 'real' purpose
                • Escaping responsibility / procrastination
                • Critical / judgmental spirit
                • Inner need to be seen as 'right' in relationship disagreements
                • Frustration with 'unspoken' rules or expectations in relationshps
Life Skills classes gives us an understanding of our true personal value,
helps us to sucessfully identify, understand and deal with feelings,
and equips us to make changes that will impact our futures.

Single? Want to learn how to be a 'healthy partner' in a 'well bonded' future relationship?

There is Hope! Real change is possible!

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