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"Learning to Live, Learning to Love" is a unique, proven course that offers help not typically available in traditional counseling!  The curriculum seeks to build a foundation of personal value, character, and maturity with the results being new patterns of behavior.  The overwhelming majority of interpersonal problems are the result of childhood wounds that affect behavior and relationships for a lifetime. When you are hurt in childhood, the pain can affect you your entire life, shape the person you become, and affect all of your relationships. 

Intake Appointment

At the intake appointment, the student completes a thorough registration which includes basic as well as personal information.
The Phase I class fee is determined at this time based on proof of income.  The one-time registration fee is $55.

Phase I Class
Phase I classes teach the "Learning to Live, Learning to Love" curriculum, a powerful 26-28 week educational program.  The gender-separate classes are held weekly for three hours in a group setting using videos, lectures, workbooks, and group discussions. Some topics include:
    • What is abuse?
    • Dirty Fighting
    • My Anger
    • Life Commandments
    • Guilt and Shame
    • Forgiveness
    • Male and Female Differences
    • Emotional Bonding
    • Mother/Son & Father/Daughter Relationships
    • Developing a Friendship
    • Guidelines for Relationships
    • Roots of a Healthy Family
Phase II Class
Phase II classes are open to any Phase I graduates looking to take their new skills to the next level.  Students commit to attend class for a specific topic module which averages in length from 5-12 weeks.  The gender-separate classes are held weekly for two hours in a group setting using group discussions, videos, and lectures.

Classes are held at
Valley Evangelical Free Church,
150 Engler Blvd, Chaska, MN 55318


Minnesota Valley Life Skills, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
Email info@mnvalleylifeskills.org or call 612-481-8554 for more information.